Scooty Loan Product – Disbursement at the CEIP Head Office

CEIP is pioneers in introducing high social impact loan products, and the scooty loan for females is a shining example of it. On 2nd February, 2018, CEIP disbursed another scooty to a client at its Head Office in Lahore. The disbursement was a great achievement for the team members of its Green Town Branch, who along with other departments, were able to complete all necessary paperwork and provide the scooty to the client within few days of the request.

The client and her husband really appreciated CEIP's efforts in bringing forward an affordable and safe means of commute for women, who constantly have to rely on others or public transport for their daily transportation. They further appreciated the staff and their cooperation in the process, and were very happy with a customized plan for their scooty, where they opted out of insurance and planned to install a tracker on their own.



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