Business Development Loan / Micro Enterprise Loan

Shabana has been in the business of making wooden stamps for fabric printing. After her marriage, Shabana’s husband got addicted to heroin, stopped working, disappeared from the house for prolonged periods at a time, and started stealing from Shabana while also selling household items. For Shabana, things couldn’t be worse, Shabana lives with her in-laws, but no one supports her financially. As a mother of three kids, the situation was extremely difficult for Shabana Four years ago, when she was going through this crisis, Shabana heard about the CSC Women Empowerment Program and decided to apply for a loan to stabilize her business of creating wooden stamps for fabric printing. Her business was faltering at the time and she required some intervention to get it back on track. Shabana’s loan was approved by CSC and with the help of the loan, she was able to get things in order. The business started improving and gradually she bought equipment such as wood-cutting machines; which increased Shabana’s working capacity and she was able to take in more orders, which resulted in her getting more profits. With these profits, Shabana was able to afford an education for her children and meet their daily demands. With the stabilization of her business, Shabana was able to start the treatment of her husband, who is now admitted to a rehabilitation center and is under care and supervision and on his way to recovery. Shabana tackles all the dealings of her business herself and tackles all these responsibilities over the phone. Shabana’s business markets are mainly located in Karachi and Quetta. Her stock is delivered through TCS and other courier services.