Livelihood Support

Primarily targeting young men and women from the most underserved communities in the region, CSC’s livelihood and skills development programs aim to develop the vocational capacities of all its beneficiaries in addition to providing them with assets and tool kits for a sustainable livelihood.

Community development can act as the backbone behind the progression of even the most rural and remote regions. A place where the concept of development is unheard of, prospects of agricultural expansion, creation of livelihood, increased motivation, economic prosperity, and ultimately an improved standard of living for the destitute. CSC has been relentlessly struggling for the cause of developing those communities that have otherwise been ignored and build the capacity of its residents to make them independent rather than powerless due to unpredictable sources of income.

Projects such as Move Forward to Regain the Prosperous Lives (MFRPL) to support the disaster struck victims with the help of Mobile Service Units (MSU) and clinical staff have been a part of this program. Support for the farming community with projects such as Agro-Support Assistance, Technical support Sessions for Farmers, Livestock Assistance to flood Affected Families with management trainings, and cluster formation for beneficiaries have been implemented rigorously. Youth Economic Development initiatives and the celebration of national and international days have also been practiced by CSC in order to spread awareness among the communities. To focus on the female population; Enterprise and Skill Development trainings have been conducted. Approximately 210 females have benefitted from the trainings during one year, either by expanding their existing business or by increasing their incomes

The trainings were convened to correspond to emerging demands of the local market (beautician, ad-work, stitching etc.) while the learning was made easy by engaging participants through group work, lectures and demonstrations. CSC helped set up 10 Community Based Organizations (CBO) to advocate a wide range of different issues. Some of the successful CBO campaigns ended with the installation of a water filtration plant, while others focused primarily on basic issues such as the attainment of Identity Documents for females.

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