Scooty Loan

Providing financial support to young women for availing scooties from among multiple variants, Scooty Loans aim to enhance female mobility to educational institutions and workplaces, rendering new impetus to economic participation and self-sufficiency of women.


United – 100 cc

Displacement  100cc

Colours  Maroon, Pink

Engine  4 stroke

Transmission  Auto-clutch

Start Mode  Self-start

Fuel Capacity  5.5 liters

Weight  91 kg

Wheels  Alloy

Power – 70 cc

Displacement  70cc

Colours  Red, Blue

Engine  4 stroke

Transmission  Auto-clutch

Start Mode  Self-start

Fuel Capacity  5 liters

Weight        –

Wheels  Spokes

KFC Partnership
CEIP has been working with its partners to bring innovative solutions for community benefit. Following suit to traditions, it has partnered with the global fast food giant, KFC, by engineering an initiative to increase female mobility and visibility on the roads by loaning vehicles to female delivery drivers. The first batch consisted of 9 females, to whom CEIP provided scooties along with scooty riding lessons through its female staff members.
. CEIP is thrilled to be KFC’s financing and advocacy partner on the project, which it hopes would help these female riders on their jobs, and in acquiring scooties at affordable installments. KFC is also keen in offering the earning opportunity to CEIP’s clients and is conducting sourcing sessions at CEIP’s branch offices. Through this partnership, both the partners wish to graduate many more female riders after this initial batch over the coming months and years. Both companies are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership.
Stanford University
To tackle the women’s mobility issue and its impact on the well being of women, CEIP has partnered with one of the world’s most prestigious institutions: Stanford University in 2019. A MoU was signed between Stanford’s research team comprising of Ms. Sarah Thompson and Mr. Saad Gulzar  (Department of Political Science at Stanford University) and Ms. Shaista Jan (CEO-CEIP). The research team is interested in research on the theme of ‘Women Empowerment in the Global South’. For this purpose, they really admired the impact CEIP’s ‘Ride with Pride’ project is generating on the lives of marginalized women. The project is currently facilitating the women mobility in Punjab and aims to help women commute easily to and fro their educational/workplaces to ensure their significant participation in the economy together with enhancing their self-confidence.

By Partnering with CEIP, Stanford’s Research team aims to measure the most effective strategies which can be used to recruit women and their families into female empowerment programmes such as the ones providing low-cost scooters. Their objective is to analyze changes in the women’s well-being, their families, their political participation and policy preferences due to the lack of mobility. The team has also designed specific research questions to address the male attitudes affecting women’s ability to access transportation and what can be done to change them

As a part of research, Ms. Thompson visited CEIP’s Green Town and Walton Branches to communicate with the staff and to interview some of the CEIP’s scooty clients. Among whom: Amber was a young, passionate and an ambitious Intermediate student, who with the support of her family succeeded in liberating herself from the society’s patriarchal norms.

She used CEIP’s scooty to travel to her college daily where she inspired many female students to ride a scooty of their own. Ms. Thompson also visited our partner – KFC’s franchise to learn about their initiative of ‘Dame Riders’ – Pakistan’s First All-Female Delivery Crew and how CEIP is assisting them through providing scooters.

Stanford’s team has designed a randomized control trial in collaboration with CEIP. Their designed intervention aims to recruit new clients into CEIP’s ’Women Ride with Pride’ project. The Research Team will assist CEIP in marketing the scooty products, as a part of its recruiting new clients to use scooters. There will be awareness sessions for them in the form of street theatres, movie screening and inspirational talks by the existing scooty clients. To change the male mindset in the society, the research team will hold meetings with the male counterparts of the existing and potential scooty clients. By concluding the experiment, the Research Team will produce an analysis for CEIP as well as an academic paper on the findings.