CEIP is actively involved in bringing light to issues facing women in Pakistan, and through various platforms has successfully campaigned for initiatives that help women stand up for themselves. On 2nd February, 2018, CEIP got an opportunity to highlight its current initiatives on SAMAA FM, 107.2. CEIP was presented by Nayab Jan, Business Development and External Affairs, Head.
The show Mry Shehar Ka Samaa hosted by RJ Mona Zia, has been on air for the past 5 years, and regularly invites professional women that work towards women empowerment through their work and charity. Samaa FM upon recognizing CEIP’s Scooty Loan Product for women, invited CEIP to its show to talk about how access to easy transportation and free mobility can help women with their independence, and help them in their professional and personal lives. During the program, Nayab discussed the idea behind the project that how inadequate transport would usually hinder women from seeking employment or students from opting for higher education. She also emphasized the need for male supporters and mentors from families and friends that can support women in taking their scooties on the road. Details of the project, such as payment plan and how to apply for a scooty were shared with the audience and other inquiries were also addressed through live calling.

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