Women Empowerment

Under the encompassing agenda of Women Empowerment, CEIP and CSC target a diverse set of issues faced by the poor, with an accentuated focus on youth.  Having well-defined work segments, the two organizations collectively further a scheme of holistic development for its clients and beneficiaries, and the communities around them.

CSC, on the other hand, is engaged in developing an environment that is enabling and empowering for women to practice their social and economic rights. By involving all community stakeholders towards recognizing and providing these rights, CSC is also adding to the efficacy of female economic engagement at the same time.

With its comprehensive microfinance support, delivered to over 195,000 clients through a wide range of products, CEIP is providing key tools for the financial inclusion of women in Pakistan. Considering the increasing engagement of women in the labour force, CEIP’s role is crucial for the economy to absorb women as entrepreneurs, and not just employees, to keep the economic gender balance from worsening further.


For these two segments to continue performing their work with individual objectives, while maintaining synergy to remain focused on their mutual cause of women empowerment, the capacity of staff is continually enhanced. The evolving needs of both microfinance and social interventions are met through various tools for operational efficiency and network enrichment.


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