Community Support Concern (CSC)

Established in 1989, Community Support Concern (CSC) has for the last 34 years, been actively involved in identifying and resolving key social and economic issues faced by the most marginalized groups in society, especially women and youth.

As part of the organization’s social development program, CSC has made development interventions in Punjab’s underprivileged areas through projects that focus on improving Health, Education, Disaster Management, and Enterprise Development, with an underlying focus on Women Empowerment in each segment.

Each of these projects has been developed and matured with continual participatory interaction and guidance from the community under impact, ensuring resonance and receptiveness at the grassroots, and tailored approach for community-led development.

CSC NTN : 2001619-7
CSC Registration : Rp/103

CSC Empowerment and Inclusion Programme (CEIP)

In 2015, the microfinance wing of CSC evolved into a separate legal entity, and became CSC Empowerment & Inclusion Program (CEIP). With this, it assumed the responsibility of enhancing financial inclusion in the country. As CSC continues to focus on social inclusion and socio-economic development of marginalized communities, CEIP furthers the agenda of an enabling financial environment for the poor.

Both entities maintain an underlying emphasis on women empowerment and development. CEIP works to bring about economic empowerment of deprived communities that have traditionally been denied access to adequate means of reducing poverty. Having served more than 418059 clients with its microfinance support of almost PKR 19.56 billion, CEIP has impacted over 2 million lives in 7 districts of Southern and Central Punjab.

The service offered to each client include not only monetary support but also financial literacy, skills trainings, business development advisory, and market-access platforms, which collectively ensure the setting up of sustainable businesses to support borrowers’ families.

CEIP NTN : 7176485-2
CEIP Registration : 0094035