CSC Empowerment and Inclusion Programme (CEIP)

"Established in 1989, Serving the community from the past 3 decades"

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Women Empowerment

Under the encompassing agenda of Women Empowerment, CEIP and CSC target a diverse set of issues faced by the

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Micro Finance

CEIP offers a range of microfinance products to suit the evolving needs of its clients. The products are designed to

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Social Intervention

PWRPCD aims to create awareness about and set out a process for availing justice against act of violence against women

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Capacity Development

In lieu of its vision towards ensuring communities leading socially and economically prosperous lives, CEIP

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Primarily targeting economically deprived communities in the region, CSC’s livelihood and skills development

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Entrepreneurship Development

CEIP is one of the leading Microfinance programs successfully implementing the Grameen Model which supports for

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Bisma Mujahid-Scooty Client

Bisma Mujahid, an employee of KFC in Lahore, rides to work every day in her own scooty, which nables her to be in charge of her own,independent mobility. This was made possible due to CEIP's innovative scooty loan- a loan product aimed at providing affordable and accessible transport for women. Furthermore, CEIP partnered with various leading employers and big names, such as KFC, in order to make this service available to their female staff. Under this partnership, 10 female employees of KFC received their own scooties with a manageable installment plan. Many of these females also use the scooties provided by CEIP to make food deliveries around Lahore...

Sakina Bibi

A resident of Dogaige Chungi, Sakina took a loan of 150,000 to expand her business, which is embroidery for boutiques. She did party wear and bridals, a work called adda work, and it requires high light power as the eyes need to see clearly for needlework. Sakina had low power bulbs and a load-shedding problem so her work was delayed and not neat enough for clients. Eventually, she wasn’t able to pay her installments on time, so when field staff visited her house for recovery, they discovered a mismanaged kitchen, late school fees and other problems due to which she was mentally disturbed. Therefore, the payments she got from her entrepreneurs were late and consequently, the recovery payments to CEIP were also late.
Evidently, CEIP’s solar side would benefit this woman and we offered her solar lamp 2 torch, which was a big enough light to provide her relief from her problems. Just due to clear vision, Sakina Bibi’s problems were solved and she began paying recovery timely. Her children went to school and her kitchen was managed perfectly. Sakina’s remarks about solar; “solar enlightened me that we can be independent and generate our own electricity. I am glad that my problems are resolved and even my electricity bill is reduced because I am frequently using these solar products for my work.”

After satisfactory results, she is showing interest in a component-based system.....


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