Microfinance Products
CEIP offers a range of microfinance products to suit the evolving needs of its clients. The products are designed to provide a comprehensive growth facilitation of microenterprises, maximize the conduciveness of workplace/home, and enhance the mobility of microentrepreneurs. The products include:

Microcredit Loans (MC)

Designed to provide microenterprise support, Microcredit Loans are essential for entrepreneurs aiming to establish enterprises, and enhance their operations to achieve sustainability.

Business Development Loans (BDL) 

Introduced to extend revamped support to micro-entrepreneurs, Business Development Loans provide liquidity for sustainable enterprises that are aiming to expand the scale and scope of their operations for enhancing profitability.


Solar Energy Loans (SEL)

Providing alternative to conventional electricity, Solar Energy Loans equip borrowers with solar products at homes and workplaces for making work possible during power outages, and impacting their social wellbeing by reducing dependence on more expensive and hazardous means of generating power.


Scooty Loans (SCL)

Providing financial support to young women for availing scooties from among multiple variants, Scooty Loans aim to enhance female mobility to educational institutions and workplaces, rendering new impetus to economic participation and self-sufficiency of women.

Home Improvement Loans (HIL)

Equipping to clients for the transforming housing market, Home Improvement Loans facilitate the upgradation of homes and workplaces for financial gains through renting out of additional rooms or dedicating them for microenterprise operations.


Ehsaas interest Free Loan Programme
CEIP is implementing an Ehsaas interest Free Loan Programme, supported by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) to serve clients that fall under the poverty bracket for conventional microfinance. Referred to as the Ehsaas interest Free Loan Programme, the project is an important part of CEIP’s poverty graduation model, and prepares clients in initiating microenterprises and enhancing their capacity to opt for larger microfinance loans.

*This will include existing projects from the website along with the pictures.

Micro Ensure Partnership

CEIP has entered into a strategic alliance with MicroEnsure, a leading provider of mass market insurance worldwide. CEIP and MicroEnsure will work together to develop and distribute innovative and affordable insurance solutions tailored to the specific needs of CEIP customers.<br>

Appreciating the partnership, as another step towards reaching out to tens of millions of uninsured and under-insured Pakistanis, Mr. Rehan Butt, Global Business Director – MicroEnsure added that:

“We have a track record of developing simplified insurance products and processes which help build faith of common man in insurance as an important risk management tool. CEIP and MicroEnsure both have the mission of financial inclusion in their DNA, and have a natural strategic fit for collaboration. We are confident that innovative products offered under this partnership will provide affordable financial protection to those who need it the most”


Graduation Loan

In Dera Ghazi Khan, CEIP has accumulated a portfolio of 23,481 number of clients over the past 4 years, under the belong to severely poor households and communities vulnerable on the Poverty Graduation Model, CEIP has shifted these clients to our conventional portfolio, as they now have moved up in the poverty score card. This approach perpetuates the belief towards empowering communities to eventually become self-reliant by giving them the required financial and social support.