CEIP has launched its campaign ‘TRANSition’ whereby it is seeking to eliminate some of the mobility challenges that the Transgender community faces. As a part of this project, CEIP has entered into a partnership with two organizations working on Transgender rights: Go Green Welfare Society (GGWS) and The Gender Guardian (TGG) and is offering their transgender beneficiaries motorbikes at exceptionally favourable rates, making the installments affordable and convenient.
CEIP saw this partnership as a perfect opportunity to extend the services to one of society’s most marginalized community by providing them safe means of mobility that can enable them to seek employment for economic empowerment. In the pilot stage of the project, 10 transgender were nominated by both the partners, who received the bikes at a discounted interest rate, making it economically viable for them. CEIP also provided bike riding lessons to these transgender through a member of their own community.
A mega event was held on 17th August, 2018 at Pearl Continental Lahore to effectuate the partnership and to create awareness on the vulnerability of transgender in our society. In order to ensure that the transgender beneficiaries can economically benefit from the bikes disbursed to them. CEIP and GGWS approached cooperatives that can provide employment opportunities to them. CEIP is in talks with ride hailing companies – Uber and Careem delivering company – Cheetay, and GGWS has approached food chains – Sarpino’s and Broadway Pizza to provide transgender associated with the project with jobs.